What is a polarised lens, and what are the benefits?

What is a polarisation filter?

When light bounces off certain surfaces it travels in a more uniform direction, this can create intense amounts of "glare" where areas appear whiter and brighter. For example, a wet road on a sunny day, or sunshine reflecting off water. This can be annoying and reduces vision. Polarised lenses contain an additional horizontal micro-filter that blocks out the majority of this intense reflected light which reduces glare.
You cannot see a polarised lens from the outside, but when wearing the lens, the polarisation enhances colour contrasts and perception. Colours appear bolder and brighter and the increased visual clarity means your eyes are more relaxed.

You can check the difference between using Polarised lenses and non-Polarised lenses for yourself using our Lens Preview Tool on each product page, just follow the links below. The polarised lenses is indicated by a P+ on the designer.

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