Product Information

  • Where can I find more information about each SunGod product?

    On each product page you can find comprehensive information about materials, dimensions, technical specifications, what's in the box and other specific product information. Just scroll down the product pages (linked below) to find out more. SunGod Classics³ (
  • What are the measurements of each SunGod product?

    SunGod Classics³™ are 56mm lens width, 18mm bridge, 48mm lens height, 135mm arm length and 143mm total frame width. SunGod Renegades™ are 57mm lens width, 18mm bridge, 44mm lens height, 138mm arm length and 145mm total frame width. SunGod Sierras™ are 53mm lens width, 19mm bridge, 48mm lens he...
  • Do you offer prescription lenses?

    Unfortunately at this time we do not offer prescription lenses or inserts for our sunglasses or goggles, it's something we'd love to offer in the future but I'm not available currently! ⟵ back to Support Home
  • Is there somewhere I can try on SunGod products?

    We exclusively sell direct to customers through our website, as this allows us to offer the highest quality products for a more competitive price than the rest of the market. Therefore, unless you know someone who owns a pair of SunGods it isn't currently possible to try them on before you buy. H...
  • Can I pay using PayPal?

    We don't take payments using PayPal, however we do accept all major international credit and debit cards including American Express.
  • Can I purchase just a sunglasses frame?

    We don't sell just sunglasses frames, sorry! However if you have broken your frame, we can cover this with our lifetime guarantee, just follow the link here. (
  • Can I still buy extra lenses for a pair of Classics²™ ?

    The Classics³™  lenses are identical to the Classics²™  lenses so if you own a pair of Classics²™  you can still buy replacement lens kits for them, simply grab a Classics³™  lens kit! SunGod Classics³™ Lens Kits are available here (
  • What is a polarised lens, and what are the benefits?

    What is a polarisation filter? When light bounces off certain surfaces it travels in a more uniform direction, this can create intense amounts of "glare" where areas appear whiter and brighter. For example, a wet road on a sunny day, or sunshine reflecting off water. This can be annoying and re...
  • What is VLT and where can I find out about the VLT of each lens?

    VLT (Visual Light Transmission) is a measure of the amount of white (visible) light that can pass through a lens and be detected by the eye. We want to provide the optimum optical clarity whilst always providing the highest level of protection possible, therefore the lowest VLT SunGod offer is 1...