How to I change my Vanguards™ lens

Your SunGod Vanguards™ have been designed so you can quickly and effortlessly replace your lens to adjust to varying light conditions. Inside your Vanguards™ Lens Kit box there will be an insert showing how to change the lenses, however if you can't find this please follow the instructions below:

How to remove the lens:
Starting with your fingers directly underneath the SunGod logo on the frame, pull the top of the frame up, away from the top of the lens to remove from the fixings. Gradually work around the frame, pushing it away from the top and side fixings. Take hold of the lens on one side to remove it from the remaining fixings. Both the lens and frame are very durable so don't be afraid to use a little force when removing the lens.

How to insert the lens:
Starting on either side of the nose, insert the lens into the slot, ensuring the fixings on the frame are aligned with the small gaps on the inner lens. Once secure, continue push the lens into the fixings from this point, to either side, slotting each side into the frame. Once the bottom and each side of the lens has been secured, attach each side at the top and finish by pushing the middle part of the lens into place above the SunGod engraving.

SunGod Vanguards™ Lens Kits are available here

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