How do I care for my SunGod 4K Optics® lenses?

Your SunGods have been built to withstand any adventure, but a little extra care will ensure they last even longer.

  • SunGod 4K Optics® lenses are scratch-resistant, not scratchproof. To help maintain the optical clarity of your lenses, we recommend always transporting and storing your SunGods in the 100% microfibre pouch provided.
  • Never place your SunGod 4K Optics® lenses down on hard or abrasive surfaces, or leave unprotected in your pocket or bag where sharp objects may cause lens damage.
  • SunGod 4K Optics® lenses should only be cleaned with provided 100% microfibre pouch. Regular cleaning will help to extend the life of your lenses.
  • SunGod 4K Optics® lenses are salt water safe, but prolonged exposure may over time damage the coating on your lenses. Always rinse thoroughly with fresh warm water after exposure to salt water, suncream or sweat.

With the right level care your lenses should stay looking and performing perfectly for many years. However if you do wish to replace your lenses, Replacement Lens Kits are available here: Shop Replacement Lens Kits

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