How do I change my Revolts™ lens?

Your SunGod Revolts™ have been designed so you can quickly and effortlessly replace your lens to adjust to varying light conditions. Inside your Revolts™ Lens Kit box there will be an insert showing how to change the lenses, however if you can't find this please follow the instructions below:

How to remove the lens:
Simply point the swivel locks located at the sides of the lenses outwards, then pull the lens away from the frame starting from under the swivel lock. You'll see the lens is held into frame with a number of small hooks which can feel very secure, however both the frame and lens are very durable so you can use a little force to remove the lens from these fixings.

How to insert the lens:
Starting with the swivel locks pointing out, put one side of the new lens under one swivel lock, and move the swivel lock into the closed position. Then insert the first three hooks into the fixing on the frame (one at the top, one at the bottom and one at the nose). Then insert the other side of the lens under the second swivel lock and move it into the closed position. Finally insert the remaining two hooks into the fixing. Check all 5 secure hooks are fully inserted, pressing from the outside and supporting from the inside if necessary.

SunGod Revolts™ Lens Kits are available here.

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