How do I change my PaceBreakers™ lens?

Your SunGod PaceBreakers™ have been designed so you can quickly and effortlessly replace your lens to adjust to varying light conditions. Inside your PaceBreakers™ Lens Kit box there will be an insert showing how to change the lenses, however if you can't find this please follow the instructions below:

How to remove the lens:
1. With your thumb and finger pinch the nose-piece from behind the lens to release the front of the lens.
2. Once unclipped pull the lens down from the top of the frame and out from either edge of the frame.

How to insert the lens:
1. Starting from the outside of the frame insert the top two corners of the lens into the groove located near the hinges.
2. Push the top of the lens into the lens groove in the top of the frame.
3. Pinch the nose piece from behind and push the lens so it sits clipped into the nose piece.

SunGod PaceBreakers™ Lens Kits are available here.

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